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When you are stressed, your body is out of sync. Negative/depleting emotions we feel when stressed such as anger, frustration, anxiety, and worry lead to increased disorder in heart rhythms and the nervous system. In contrast, positive/renewing emotions like joy, appreciation, care, and kindness create harmony in heart rhythms and the nervous system.


Other bodily systems sync up to this rhythm, a process scientist call coherence. Because coherence leads to more mental clarity, creativity, and better problem-solving abilities, it’s easier to find solutions and better ways of handling stressful situations.


Coherence is an optimal state in which heart, mind and emotions are operating in sync and balanced. Coherence is the prime enabler of behavior change – unmanaged stress is the prime disabler. Being in “coherence” helps us build resilience capacity and energy reserves.

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Ascension Inergy Management

The heart’s extensive ascending neural and hormonal communication links to the brain make important contributions to emotional experience.